Construction journal.

In the construction journal we provide you with an overview of the current construction activities and measures in Rosental Mitte.


Building RO 1045.

Monday, 11. April 2022

The blinds have been fully installed and the locksmith work is also completed. Currently, the painting and carpentry work is in full progress.

Glass wall.

Photo: Glass wall.

Room with a window frontage.

Photo: Room with a window frontage.

The carpentry work will soon be finished.

Photo: The carpentry work will soon be finished.


By the end of the year, the subfloors will be finished, the atriums will be sealed and all windows will be installed. In the new year, the plastering work and installation of the technical systems will begin. Furthermore, the Heraklit ceilings will be installed on the two upper floors, the walls painted and the parquet and carpet flooring laid.

View of the Sandgrubenstrasse.

Photo: View of the Sandgrubenstrasse.

Ground floor office.

Photo: Ground floor office.


Photo: Atrium.

At the moment, the exterior staircase is being constructed to access the publicly accessible atrium from the ground floor. The facade base is insulated and the atriums are sealed. The windows on the east façade are being installed and the conversion is thus slowly being "sealed". Interior finishing work is taking place: Sanitary pipes are laid, plaster walls are created and the ceilings are painted and covered with acoustic insulation panels.

Windows east facade.

Photo: Windows east facade.

Plaster walls on the upper floors.

Photo: Plaster walls on the upper floors.

Atrium with windows.

Photo: Atrium with windows.

The deconstruction work inside the future office building with ground-floor restoration use has been completed. On the ground floor, the windows in the future event room have been installed. The windows of the newly created atriums, which will provide a lot of brightness in the building in the future, have also been installed. The window work on the ground floor should be completed by the end of November. At the moment, the new plaster walls of the future rental units are being installed and filled.

Creation of open space area.

Photo: Creation of open space area.

Future façade EG from the inside.

Photo: Future façade EG from the inside.

Newly constructed atrium.

Photo: Newly constructed atrium.