Haus 6 new-build laboratory: a building for research and education
On 18 August 2021, the team that won the project competition for what’s known as Haus 6 was announced: architectural firm Karamuk-Kuo Architekten and HSSP won over the jury with their PETRI project. The proposed compact building is designed as a timber and concrete hybrid construction and is the most economical of all 13 projects submitted for the competition (Jurybericht).

The building is an investment in the municipality of Basel’s own financial assets. The primary tenant will be the University of Basel with its chemistry department, while the remaining areas will be leased to other companies. The project involves a ground floor accessible to the public, with shops and a café serving as an important means of linking Rosental Mitte with the surrounding Rosental neighbourhood. There will also be plenty of bike parking spaces, an underground car park and other spaces for technical infrastructure. So that the building can be erected, former laboratory and auxiliary buildings 1038, 1030, 1037 and 1065 need to be demolished to create ‘construction site A’. Haus 6 will be opened in spring 2028 at the earliest.

Visualisation: New laboratory building

Visualisation: New laboratory building Karamuk-Kuo Architekten.

Model photo: laboratory building

Model photo: New laboratory building along the Maulbeerstrasse. Photo: Tom Bisig

Demolition phase I (construction site A)
Haus 6 and the future Rosentalplatz square are set to be positioned on the perimeter of construction site A, plus other buildings and underground spaces for technical infrastructure for an integrated energy network. Demolition work on construction site A is expected to start in May 2022.

It’s difficult to avoid noise and dust during demolition works, so the canton is in close contact with the various official departments and agencies.

Demolition project of interim building 1010/1
The interim building 1010/1, which connected historic building 1 to building 1010, was demolished in May and June 2021. Demolition was carried out exclusively from within the site. Work to restore the historic façade of building 1 has now started. The passage created by the demolition is visible from Schwarzwaldallee. In the future, what is currently still an enclosed site will also be accessible via this passage.

Arealplan Rosental Mitte