Rosental Mitte places importance on protecting native flora and fauna. It is working closely with the canton of Basel-Stadt parks department on a number of projects.

The federal government and the canton are endeavouring to ensure that the ecosystem is impacted as little as possible, even in the midst of structural redevelopment and major construction projects. This involves taking inventories of trees, conducting bat and breeding bird surveys and recording botanical specimens and local habitats. Bird and bat surveys are carried out early in the morning and late in the evening using photography, bioacoustic surveying techniques and mapping. Undeveloped attics are a particular focus of such checks, while vegetation mapping is created during the day, for example on green roofs.

The results of the studies are expected to be published in August 2021. If habitats that require protection are identified but building work needs to go ahead regardless, Rosental Mitte will take special measures to protect these habitats as effectively as possible or else ensure restoration or appropriate replacement.

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