Books for everyone
Rosentalstrasse now has a public bookcase to foster greater interaction and help revitalise Rosentalstrasse, making the district even more appealing. The partial opening-up of the site (Sandgrubenstrasse–Riehenteichstrasse) will create better links across the district. The public bookcase is designed as an element that brings people together, as it is based on the idea of free exchange and is accessible to all. Anyone is welcome to use the bookcase.

library cupboard Rosental.

The new public bookcase for the Rosental.

The Kleinbasel District Secretariat has teamed up with the Pro Rosentalstrasse community association to set up a special group that will take care of the regular upkeep of the bookcase. It also features a bulletin board where local residents can exchange information. The bookcase, which is funded by Immobilien Basel-Stadt, was made by a local metalworker and has been available to residents since mid-June.

Special group bookcase

The group who will take care of the Rosental bookcase.