Demolition, construction site A (Phase I)
Demolition work will begin this month on construction site A, including for the forthcoming Building 6 and the future Rosentalplatz. An underground integrated energy network is also to be constructed here in future, which will work with the technical infrastructure that is already in place, plus elements that are yet to be created. ARGE Rosental (Eberhard Bau AG, in conjunction with Marti AG Basel) was awarded the contract for the demolition work.

The residents were informed about the commencement of works at an early stage. The first task now is to set up the construction site and carry out other works in preparation for construction. Once this is complete, building 1038, the large structure at right angles to Maulbeerstrasse with the four distinctive white roof structures, will be demolished within nine months.

Demolition, construction site A Rosental Mitte

Demolition, construction site A Rosental Mitte.

This will inevitably cause a certain level of emissions and construction site traffic. When choosing the contractor, the greatest possible care was taken to ensure low-emission methods of demolition. The tenets of the circular economy are also being taken to heart when it comes to the reuse and recycling of components and materials. For example, whenever possible materials will be recycled (e.g. to produce recycled concrete). If structural elements can potentially be reused, they are tested to ensure that they can remain in the material cycle.

Special enclosures will be set up for excavation work that can result in dust, odours or noise. This also makes it possible to carry out the work with as little impact on the surrounding area possible. According to current plans, the excavation work will take place in 2023. Transparency will also be ensured with regard to compliance with the air purity regulations and groundwater sampling. The Amt für Umwelt (AUE) of the Canton Basel-Stadt publishes a range of information on his website. The progress of the demolition work will be followed online by two webcams.