Decommissioning work on the first construction site will continue. A start will also be made on dismantling ‘Bau 1010’ on the Schwarzwaldallee, which was still connected to the current temporary secondary school until a year ago.

The work will continue to be carried out in compliance with all necessary requirements and processes concerning soil contamination and pollutants. The Rosental Mitte website provides the relevant information from the AUE (Office for Environment and Energy) and the Office for Air Hygiene for both Basel cantons.

Once the excavation work has been completed around the former underground storage hall (see Plan 1040), the enclosure for excavation will be moved to another place.

The view of construction site A 2024

January 2024: The view of construction site A.

The view of construction site A 2023

August 2023: The view of construction site A.

Landscaping work for the temporary secondary school Rosental Mitte is expected to be completed in May 2024 at the corner of Schwarzwaldallee and Rosentalstrasse. Pupils will have access to such facilities as a sports field and bicycle parking. In addition, pedestrian access to ‘Bau 1008’, across from the school building, will be provided.

Demolition on construction site A.

Demolition, construction site A Rosental Mitte and pedestrian access to ‘Bau 1008’.

A study contract for the design of the outdoor spaces was concluded at the end of 2023. This is aimed at obtaining conceptual statements on the possible design of the road and outdoor spaces. In addition, a long-term technical support mandate is to be awarded in order to deal with the many outstanding issues arising today in the design of open spaces as part of the further structural development of the site.

The jury decision, expected to be legally binding, is due around Easter 2024, after which the result can be published. It will form the basis for further planning in this area. It is also envisaged that information will be provided and consultation and participation arranged as soon as specific projects are launched.